happening next week//// — POCTALK KINGSTON Discussion on Race and Relationships

30 Mar


WHAT: Join us for the third event of the POCTALK series, this time featuring a discussion group on race, relationships, power, and getting through it all.

POCTALK was born in the conversations, solidarity, struggle, and fed up feels of a few local people of colour. POCTALK aims to give a space to self-identified people of colour and/or Indigenous people to share their poetry, stories, jokes, songs, histories, resistance, and lives. While everyone is invited to the discussion, we would ask that everyone respect this space as PoC and/or Indigenous-centric. POCTALK seeks to create community for us, challenge the communities that are unsafe for us, and foster room for our narratives to be brought together.

This is an accountable space- no misogynist/queerphobic/racist/oppressive content tolerated at this event.

WHERE/WHEN:  AKA Autonomous Social Centre, the red and black house on Queen St at Wellington St

Saturday, April 5at 2:00pm

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