May 9th FOURTH POCTALK EVENt OPEN MiC featuring Kama La Mackerel

WHO: Originally from the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, Kama La Mackerel is a sissy, poet, comedian, dancer and drag artist who has traveled half the globe across turmoiled cities, empty continents, black oceans, sex scandals and love-and-hate stories before landing in Montréal in September 2011.
La Mackerel has worked on solo pieces and collaborations with theatre troupes in different cities in Ontario and Québec, as well as in India and in Mauritius. Along with visual artist, Elisha Lim, La Mackerel is the co-founder of Qouleur (formerly 2qtpocmontréal), an annual art festival celebrating the lives and art of Indigenous and racialized folks in Montréal. Kama La Mackerel is also the founder and host(ess) of GENDER B(L)ENDER: l’open stage queer, Montréal’s only queer open mic.
A total trash queen, La Mackerel’s work is guided by themes of feminism, queerness, alienation, displacement, and cultural untranslatability. La Mackerel’s performances also explore the tensions between mainstream beauty/success and what is qualified as grotesque/failure by society

ABOUT POCTALK: POCTALK was born in the conversations, solidarity, struggle, and fed up feels of a few local people of colour. This event aims to give a space and a mic to self-identified people of colour and/or indigenous people to share their poetry, stories, jokes, songs, histories, resistance, and lives. POCTALK seeks to create community for us, challenge the communities that are unsafe for us, and foster room for our narratives to be brought together. Come out, come speak, come listen!

WHERE/WHEN: The Sleepless Goat $5/PWYC

Sign-up @ 7.00
Show @ 7.30

This is an accountable space- no misogynist/queerphobic/racist/oppressive content tolerated at this event.Image

Author: levanacentre

Nurturing a radical community, fighting gender oppression, & advocating for broad ideas of gender empowerment (for those of any or no gender) in Kingston.

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