POCTALK Kingston Open Mic Series featuring Lady Sin Trayda

Another AWESOME POCTALK Kingston  event to look forward to!!

A BIT ABOUT POCTALK: was born in the conversations, solidarity, struggle, and fed up feels of a few local people of colour. This event aims to give a space and a mic to self-identified people of colour, mixed race, and/or Indigenous people to share their poetry, stories, jokes, songs, histories, resistance, and lives. POCTALK seeks to create community for us, challenge the communities that are unsafe for us, and foster room for our narratives to be brought together. Come out, come speak, come listen!

A BIT ABOUT THE FEATURE POET: LADY SIN TRAYDA, born RYAN KAI CHENG THOM, aka CHINA ROSE is a fiery writer, performer, spoken word artist and drag-dance sensation. A little Chinese grrl with a big, lipsticked mouth, her words pack a revolutionary punch that takes the fight right to the heart of expectation, stereotyping, and all kinds of oppression. Lady Sin and her alter-egos have traveled across Canada to bring poetic performances to pages and stages from her hometown of Vancouver to her current haunts in Montreal. She has featured at such venues as the Vancouver Poetry Slam, the Throw Poetry Collective, Montreal’s Radical Queer Semaine, and the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, competing as a finalist at the Verses International Poetry Festival 2012. She has performed alongside such artists as D’bi Young, Kalmunity Vibe, and the Montreal Slam Team, and is a resident at the Banff Centre for Fine Arts’s Spoken Word Residency 2013.
As Ryan Kai Cheng Thom, Lady Sin has also been a featured columnist for The McGill Daily, with journalistic pieces also appearing in The Fulcrum and The Charlebois Post. Their poetry has appeared in, ditch, OutWrite: A Queer Review, Intersections Journal, Kanata Journal, Convergence Journal and What If? Magazine, among others. Lady Sin and her work have been profiled by Concordia University’s The Link and CKUT Radio’s The Morning After.
With her eyes on the horizon and her feet in the glorious, star-strewn gutter of her roots, Lady Sin Trayda is always on the lookout for new vistas of performance, and new boundaries to push.

Sign-up @ 7.30
Show @ 8.00

This is an accountable space- no misogynist/queerphobic/racist/oppressive content tolerated at this event
CHECK OUT THE EVENT ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/546032348835465/Image of the featured poet for this POCTALK Kingston poetry slam event, LADY SIN. Description below.

[Image is a photo of the feature poet for this event, LADY SIN TRAYDA. Lady Sin’s arms are raised wide and she is looking forward, away from the camera.  The photo is in black and white]

Author: levanacentre

Nurturing a radical community, fighting gender oppression, & advocating for broad ideas of gender empowerment (for those of any or no gender) in Kingston.

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