Reading Group: Undoing Border Imperialism


[Image Description: The image is about a book. On the left side of the image there is drawing of a child wearing a tee-shirt and staring forward. They are reaching forward and holding out a butterfly. In the background there is a prison wire fence and a prison watch tower. The drawing is in red and orange. There is text underneath that reads ‘AKA Press IAS 2013’ (The Publishing information). On the right side of the image there are four reviews of the book in red text and a background in beige. The text in them read: ‘ “This book belongs in every wannabe revolutionary’s war backpack.”  – Ashanti Alston, former black panther political prisoner ‘, ‘ “This is a manual and a memoir, a guide to the world and a guide to the organizer’s heart.”- Vijay Prashad, the Darker Nations: A People’s History of the Third World ‘, ‘ “Besides being brilliantly conceived and presented, this is the first extended work on immigration that refuses to make First Nations sovereignty invisible” – Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz, Indians of the Americas and Blood on the Border ‘, ‘ “Walia has played a central role in building some of North America’s most innovative, diverse, and effective movements… This book is a tremendous gift to us all.” – Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine ‘. Underneath these reviews in bold red text it reads ‘Undoing Border Imperialism by Harsha Walia Preface by Andrea Smith’. At the bottom of the image the text reads ‘Other contributors: Yogi Acharya, Carmen Aguirre, Tara Atluri, Annie Banks, Mel Bazil, Nazila Bettache, Adil Charkaoui, Yen Chu, Karen Cocq, Jessica Danforth, Ruby Smith Di´az, Nassim Elbardouh, Craig Fortier, Harjap Grewal, Mostafa Henaway, Freda Huson, Syed Khalid Hus- san, Jane Kirby, Aylwin Lo, Karla Lottini, Alex Mah, Robyn Maynard, Graciela Flores Mendez, Cecily Nicholson, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Toghestiy, Sozan Savehilaghi, Mac Scott, Lily Shinde, and Rafeef Ziadah.’]

WHAT: Let’s all read Undoing Border Imperialism by Harsha Walia and talk about it! Copies are available at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library, Blue Heron Books & Zines and also for borrow from others.
You can also buy a copy from AK Press here:
If you are having difficulty securing a copy please contact khatija [at] riseup [dot] net

WHERE: The red and black house on Queen St at Wellington St (ramp entrance)

WHEN: November 19th 6pm

Children welcome to attend, though please note that no formal child minding is planned. AKA has an accessible entrance and an accessible, gender neutral washroom. AKA also has children’s books and toys as well as other supplies. All are welcome!

About the book:
Undoing Border Imperialism combines academic discourse, livedexperiences of displacement, and movement-based practices into an exciting new book. By reformulating immigrant rights movements within a transnational analysis of capitalism, labor exploitation, settler colonialism, state building, and racialized empire, it provides the alternative conceptual frameworks of border imperialism and decolonization. Drawing on the author’s experiences in No One Is Illegal, this work offers relevant insights for all social movement organizers on effective strategies to overcome the barriers and borders within movements in order to cultivate fierce, loving, and sustainable communities of resistance striving toward liberation. The author grounds the book in collective vision, with short contributions from over twenty organizers and writers from across North America.

“Harsha Walia has played a central role in building some of North America’s most innovative, diverse, and effective new move­ments. That this brilliant organizer and theorist has found time to share her wisdom in this book is a tremendous gift to us all.” —Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine

Author: levanacentre

Nurturing a radical community, fighting gender oppression, & advocating for broad ideas of gender empowerment (for those of any or no gender) in Kingston.

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