Petition Against Gender Conversion Therapy

Trigger/ Consent Warning for suicide mention, transphobia, transmisogyny.

WHAT: LGBT youth are 14 times more likely to attempt suicide than their non-LGBT peers. In a recent Ontario-based survey, 77% of trans youth reported considering suicide, and 45% had attempted in the past. But this doesn’t need to be the reality for LGBT youth in Ontario. Studies show that youth are far less likely to consider or attempt suicide when they feel supported, loved, and accepted at home.
Currently, OHIP is funding gender conversion therapy at the CAMH in Toronto, whose director Kenneth Zucker uses “preventative” therapy to discourage children from engaging in “gender variant behaviour.” This therapy is designed to align a child or young person’s gender expression with the desired expression of their parents. It has no professional standards of practice and is condemned by all major professional health care associations.

MPP Catherine Fife has developed a petition asking the government to immediately cease funding this dangerous practice. Come by the Queen’s New Democrat’s booth to sign the petition!

Levana is not affiliated with any political party, but we strongly support this initiative.

WHEN: Thursday, March 12th 2015 from 9am-5pm

Author: levanacentre

Nurturing a radical community, fighting gender oppression, & advocating for broad ideas of gender empowerment (for those of any or no gender) in Kingston.

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