Not Just Cisters: Trans Feminine Identities in Feminist and Queer Spaces

Poster for 'Not Just Cisters: Trans Feminine Identities in Queer and Feminist Spaces'. Description below.

[The image is a poster for the event. At the centre of the poster there is black text reads ‘Not Just Cisters: Trans Feminine Identities in Queer and Feminist Spaces Thursday March 26th 11:30am-1:00pm Wallace Hall JDUC’. In the bottom right corner there is black text that reads ‘Presented by OPIRG Kingston and the Queen’s Pride Project as a part of Queen’s Pride Month’. The background is white’]

WHAT: Not Just Cisters is an event aimed at exploring and unpacking how trans-feminine exclusion from feminist and queer spaces is happening today and in our community. The workshop will build and develop working definitions of trans-misogyny and other related terms as an effort to create a shared starting point. We will then examine current and historical actions, and inactions, within queer and feminist spaces that have led to the exclusion and marginalization of trans women from spaces dedicated to challenging misogyny and trans and homophobia.

This workshop intends to be a learning space for feminist community groups, organizations, service providers, or anyone who seeks to create a more trans or queer-positive space and those who work towards feminist goals. All are welcome. Due to the content and nature of the discussion, the workshop facilitators cannot ensure that this will be a safe space, however all transphobic and trans-misogynist statements will be challenged.

This event will be happening during the Gender and Sexual Diversity Fair. 

This event is being put on with the support of the Ontario Public Interest Research Group – Kingston (OPIRG) and sponsored by the Queen’s Pride Project.

WHERE: Wallace Hall, John Deutsch University Centre, 87 Union Street West, Kingston ,Ontarin

WHEN: Thursday March 26th from 11:30am- 1:00pm

Author: levanacentre

Nurturing a radical community, fighting gender oppression, & advocating for broad ideas of gender empowerment (for those of any or no gender) in Kingston.

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