HAPPENING TOMORROW NIGHT (March 27th @ 4-7pm) !

WHAT: Trans, two-spirit, gender non-conforming, and gender questioning food share and meet-up @ Doug Fluhrer Park

Description of event:

On Thursday, May 28th @ Doug Fluhrer Park there will be a space to come together and eat for those who are trans, two-spirit, gender non-conforming, or questioning their gender. 

Bring yourself, bring a friend, bring food, bring blankets, bring whatever makes you comfortable 🙂 

no one will be turned away but we ask that trans, two-spirit, gender non-conforming, and gender questioning folks are at the centre of this event.

******* Wondering what Gender is?*******

not everybody knows what gender is and that’s totally okay. 

gender is hard to define and is not limited to the following definition by any means. gender is best left up for the individual to define for themselves so please be respectful of each person’s definition and how it has formed their identity 🙂 

gender is how we think of ourselves…
… as masculine (like “men”) or feminine (like “women”) 
or both of these 
or neither of these
or all three 
or somewhere in between 
or something completely unrelated to masculine (“man”) or feminine (“woman”)

gender is not limited to these definitions.

gender is something that can shift and change for a person, but stays consistent or the same for others

gender is diverse and unique and we must respect how each person defines gender for themselves 

we will have name tags to write your preferred name and gender pronoun, if you’d like to 

pronoun examples are: ze, she, they, he, etc., but there are many pronouns and it’s best to ask respectively what pronouns a person would like you to use while referring to them 

See you Thursday for some good food! 

WHEN: Thursday, May 28th 

4:00pm- 7:00pm

WHERE: Douglas Fluhrer Park — located on water front of the Cataraqui River, there’s a parking lot and place to enter on foot from wellington st, and on the otherside, you can get to the park from cataraqui st (same street as the boiler room). 

please send Trans Organizing Kingston a message if you need help finding the park 

if it rains, we’ll meet and eat at the artel/AKA at 75 Queen St…. we’ll keep you updated on the date of this event

Please keep in mind that the park is on land that belongs to the haudenosaunee and anishinaabe first nations people, and we need to respect that 

there will be a barbeque grill,

and someone to barbeque for you if you want or need that

please bring your own bowl and eating utensils we’ll have some extras but it will be easier if most people could bring their own 

please bring food to share or just something for yourself and we’ll try and get everyone fed

please come even if you can’t bring any food, everyone will be fed regardless of what they bring 


Author: levanacentre

Nurturing a radical community, fighting gender oppression, & advocating for broad ideas of gender empowerment (for those of any or no gender) in Kingston.

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