Levana Presents: Science Fiction and Social Justice Reading Group 1st Book!

Image is a poster for the event 'Science Fiction and Social Justice Reading Group reads Nalo Hopkinson's Midnight Robber'. Detailed description below.

[Image is a poster for the event. Background is a the book cover of Nalo Hopkinson’s ‘Midnight Robber’. Text reads Levana Gender Advocacy Centre Presents: Sci-Fi and Social Justice Reading Group, November 25th (Wed) @ 6:30pm, Get your copy at Novel Idea, Stauffer Library, Levana’s Alternative Resource Lending Library, At the AKA Social Autonomous Centre 75 Queen Street, http://www.levanacentre.wordpress.com ]

WHAT: The Levana Gender Advocacy Centre’s reading group this year is themed “Sci-Fi and Social Justice”! So to honor that theme, the first book of the year will be Nalo Hopkinson’s Midnight Robber! 

ABOUT THE BOOK: From GoodReads about Midnight Robber:

“It’s Carnival time, and the Carribean-colonized planet of Toussaint is celebrating with music, dance and pageantry. Masked “Midnight Robbers” waylay revelers with brandished weapons and spellbinding words. But to young Tan-Tan, the Robber Queen is simply a favourite costume to wear at the festival–until her power-corrupted father commits an unforgivable crime.

Suddenly, both father and daughter are thrust into the brutal world of New Half-Way Tree. Here monstrous creatures from folklore are real, and the humans are violent outcasts in the wilds. Here Tan-Tan must reach into the heart of myth–and become the Robber Queen herself. For only the Robber Queen’s legendary powers can save her life…and set her free.”

Between now and November 25th, grab a copy of the book, give it a read, and then come hang out with other cool folks that read it to talk about it over snacks, tea, and coffee.

LOCATION: We’ll meet at 75 Queen Street (up the ramp) at 6:30 PM on Wednesday November 25th to hang out and chat about Midnight Robber. We’ll also have an opportunity to talk about potential books for the remainder of the reading group series.

75 Queen Street is wheelchair accessible and houses a gender-neutral, single-use washroom on site. It is also a scent-free space; for this reason, we ask attendees to avoid scented products for this evening.

*For questions around accessibility, the chosen venue, the book, or with ideas about the reading group series feel free to contact us at levana/centre@gmail.com. Ask for Avery!*

**If folks want to be able to come, and need/want a round-trip, single-use bus pass in order to do so, please let us know at levana.centre@gmail.com**

Novel Idea (w/ discount for mentioning Levana’s reading group!)
Stauffer Library
Levana’s Alternative Resource Lending Library (in our office at 51 Bader Lane, Queen’s Campus)



Author: levanacentre

Nurturing a radical community, fighting gender oppression, & advocating for broad ideas of gender empowerment (for those of any or no gender) in Kingston.

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