15 Apr

WHAT: One last happening at this version of the Artel. If you haven’t figured it out by the Artel HAPPENINGS are part live art show part house party part after party of karaoke tag! This last go round will feature loads of local talent.

Because the Artel is moving, this is also a chance for the collective to fundraise for the move. They need to make the last of their security deposit for their new space they will be moving into at the beginning of May. Suggested a donation of 5-10 dollars on sliding scale with their usual pay-what-you-can and no-one-turned-away policy.

After the performances stick around for karaoke tag and a possible screening of two art house films (Persona and/or Mulholland Dr. in case you were curious)

Come out. Support. Enjoy.

(Will have ~*refreshments*~ for purchase)

*any necessary trigger or content warnings forthcoming, stay tuned for announcements of the pieces*

WHO: Come out and see poetry, performance art, collaborative and interactive installations put on by (so far

Sherry Huang
Annie Dunsford
Avery Everhart
Greg Wilson
Nelly Matorina
Rae Loney
Raissa Simone
And probably lots more

WHEN: Saturday, April 8th from 8pm till midnight 

WHERE: 205 Sydenham Street, Kingston Ontario 


MayDay in Kingston: Celebrate International Workers’ Holiday!

9 Apr

WHAT: A spirited celebration in resistance to and defiance of capitalist exploitation, and struggle against racism, colonialism and all forms of oppression and domination. Come at 5pm for a FREE BBQ dinner then take to the streets at 6pm for Kingston’s 6th annual MayDay March!

WHEN: May 1st 2015 from 5pm to 8pm

WHERE: Douglas Fluhrer Park, Kingston Ontario

Image is a poster for the event 'MayDay in Kingston: Celebrate International Workers' Holiday!'. Detailed description below.

[Image is poster for the event. The background is white.Text is in black and reads ‘Friday May1st 2015 is International Workers’ Holiday! Come to Doug Fluhrer Park at 5pm for a free BBQ dinner, then take to the streets at 6pm for Kingston’s 6th annual MayDay March! Join us for a spirited celebration of resistance to and defiance of capitalist exploitation and in struggle against racism, colonialism and all forms of oppression and domination. Got questions? Email to get in touch!]

Soul Shakedown, April Edition!

6 Apr

This image is a poster for the event 'Soul Shakedown Dance Party'. Find brief image description below

[This image is a poster for the event. The text on the poster is teal and yellow and reads: ‘Soul Shakedown Dance Party Saturday April 12th 9:00-10:00 @ The Grad Clud 162 Barrie St. (accessible) DJ Q – Dance Hall/Soca/African 10:00-11:20 DJ Tomatillo – Balkan Ska-Punk/Middle East Pop-Dance 11:20-12:40 DJ Efe Eme – Sicodelia Tropical/Electro-Latino 12:40-2:00 DJ Bluestocking – Funk/Soul/Afrobeat/Hip-Hop more info @ soul or on Facebook ]

WHAT: Celebrate spring (hopefully) with the April edition of Soul Shakedown!

Funds will support Soul Shakedown itself: we’re investing in equipment (including fancy coloured lights!) to make the Shakedowns better than ever. We’re also starting a DJ pool to support current and future Shakedown DJs.

This event is sponsored by the Grad Club and CFRC 101.9 FM. 

For more info about the event contact soul.shakedown.collective (at) gmail (dot com or visit
See you there!

WHO: DJ Q will be making his Soul Shakedown debut and DJ Tomatillo will be back by popular demand. Soul Shakedown regulars DJ Efe Eme and DJ Bluestocking will be our rock in troubled times (as usual). 

9:00-10:00 DJ Q – Dance Hall/Soca/African
10:00-11:20 DJ Tomatillo – Balkan Ska-Punk/Middle East Pop-Dance
11:20-12:40 DJ Efe Eme – Sicodelia Tropical/Electro-Latino
12:40-2:00 DJ Bluestocking – Funk/Soul/Afrobeat/Hip-Hop

WHEN: Saturday April 12th 2015 from 9pm until 2am

Doors at 9pm. Admission is $8 before 10:30pm and $10 after.

WHERE: The Grad Club (162 Barrie Street, Kingston Ontario). This is a wheelchair accessible venue. 


Drawing Together: Kingstonians talking about racism and anti-racism Part 2

6 Apr

WHAT: Join the the third community conversation about understanding what racial discrimination and prejudice looks like in Kingston and strategies to confront it. All welcome!

Lunchtime discussion about how to identify and stop racism in our city. Vegetarian meal provided; feel free to bring a vegetarian dish to share; this is a dry event. Drawing & art materials will also be on hand!

Children welcome; please email germinations[at] for childcare info and any accessibility needs, or other questions.

WHERE: AKA Autonomous Social Centre, the red & black house on Queen st at the corner of Wellington St, downtown Kingston. (up the ramp). Entrance & bathroom are barrier-free. Gender neutral washrooms

WHEN: Sunday, April 12th 2015 from noon until 3pm

Affective Alchemy: Powerful Emotions and Creative Expressions Workshop

26 Mar

af·fect (verb)
1) have an effect on; make a difference to
2) touch the feelings (of someone); move emotionally

al·che·my (noun)
1) the medeival forerunner of chemistry based on the supposed transformation of matter. it was concerned primarily with attempts to convert base materials into gold or to find a universal elixir
2) a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination

WHAT: What do we make of, with, or out of our most powerful emotions? Where do we hold our overwhelming feelings and how do they come out in the ways that we express ourselves? Rage, despair, grief, shame, fear. These are a few of the emotions that, despite or even because of how difficult they are to feel, can be rich sources of embodied wisdom. These feelings which tend to overwhelm or even render us unable to express ourselves in ways we usually would can often make us feel as if we need to express something. We are therefore interested in what we can do with such powerful emotions. Do they carry with them the potential to transform? To create? To combine? To teach?

Levana Gender Advocacy Centre is pleased to present three workshops that engage with this theme of affective alchemy.

WHERE: John Deutsch University Centre – McLaughlin Room (Room 241)

WHEN: Friday, April 3rd 2015 from 9:30am- 2:30pm


9:30 – 10:00: Welcome and opening circle

10:00 – 11:15: move/breath/feel: exploring trauma-sensitive yoga

11:15 – 12:30: spoken word and community transformation

12:30 – 1:00: lunch (provided by Levana)

1:00 – 2:15: construction/catharsis: healing and learning through hands-on creative expression facilitated

2:15: closing circle

Workshop Descriptions

Spoken Word and Community Transformation – Facilitated by Raissa Simone

This workshop aims to address social justice, personal experience, and self-asserted narratives to foster a space of belonging and compassion. In this workshop, we will speak to participants’ writing that documents their own lived experience. We will will also engage in writing exercises, movements, and body expressions to create an environment of healing, thought, and artistic community.

Spoken word will be engaged with as an art form that offers potential for healing, growth, and resistance. In meeting with the theme of ‘Affective Alchemy,’ this workshop seeks to facilitate a space of channeling of the participants’ powerful emotions into voice and performance. Participants will be encouraged to bring paper and pens, be ready to engage in writing exercises and performance exercises, and engage with the work of other participants. Participants are encouraged to bring clothes for movement.

move/breath/feel: exploring trauma-sensitive yoga – Facilitated by Roxanne Runyon

Personal and collective histories live inside of our bodies. Our joints, muscles, organs, and nervous systems carry imprints of these these histories: our joys, our pains, our ecstasies, and our traumas.This workshop will explore yoga as a body of knowledge that can help us befriend our difficult emotions and internal states. The intention for this workshop is the creation of a space in which we approach our bodies with curiosity and compassion, engaging in gentle movement and breathwork in order to explore the sensations, thoughts, and affects that come up when we get quiet and go deep.

Please wear clothing that you feel comfortable moving in, and bring a yoga mat if you have access to one. No previous experience with yoga is necessary.

Construction/Catharsis: healing and learning through hands-on creative expression facilitated by Avery Everhart

This workshop considers the role that objects play in how we bottle up, release, stifle, or produce with our overwhelming emotions. We will work together to unearth the affective energy we store into objects, be they our most prized possessions, or things as banal and bland as cardboard. The goal is to talk through how/where we store our feelings outside our own bodies and what we can do to process them by modifying, manipulating, mangling, or otherwise alchemizing those objects.

Attendees are encouraged to bring whatever materials speak to them (some will be provided) and at least one object that is important to them. This important object may change shape or take on new life, so keep that in mind when choosing what to bring.

Facilitator Bios

WHO: Raissa Simone is a poet, musician, and activist living in Kingston, Ontario. She is an active member of the Artel collective, founder of the POCTALK open mic for people of colour, former director of Slam Kingston, and a finalist in the 2011 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. She has performed and featured at numerous events and festivals, including Hillside Festival, Urban Legends Poetry Slam, London Poetry Slam, When Sisters Speak, and the Toronto International Poetry Slam. Currently pursuing a PhD at Concordia University, Raissa aims to fuse her social justice activism and artistic fluidity into her performances, creating an atmosphere of tension, fervor, and vibrancy.

Roxanne Runyon is a thinker, an empath, and a dreamer. As a graduate student in Gender Studies at Queen’s, she thinks a great deal about emotional labour, trauma, burnout, and the role of painful feelings in social and political transformation. Having created a trauma-sensitive yoga program for the University of Alberta Sexual Assault Centre in 2012 and led numerous workshops on yoga and self-care, Roxanne is interested in thinking about how strong and loving connections with our bodies play a part in creating resilient communities.

Avery Everhart is an occasional scholar, artist, and activist from Greensboro, North Carolina. Now living in Kingston, Ontario, they are a first year Master’s student in Gender Studies at Queen’s University where their work focuses on Black cultural producers and productions, histories and futurities, and the body. They also live and work at the Artel, an artist lived-in co-op that facilitates emerging artists’ work in their gallery and venue space. They can be found tinkering writing, making, and performing in and around Kingston’s vibrant communities.


Not Just Cisters: Trans Feminine Identities in Feminist and Queer Spaces

21 Mar

Poster for 'Not Just Cisters: Trans Feminine Identities in Queer and Feminist Spaces'. Description below.

[The image is a poster for the event. At the centre of the poster there is black text reads ‘Not Just Cisters: Trans Feminine Identities in Queer and Feminist Spaces Thursday March 26th 11:30am-1:00pm Wallace Hall JDUC’. In the bottom right corner there is black text that reads ‘Presented by OPIRG Kingston and the Queen’s Pride Project as a part of Queen’s Pride Month’. The background is white’]

WHAT: Not Just Cisters is an event aimed at exploring and unpacking how trans-feminine exclusion from feminist and queer spaces is happening today and in our community. The workshop will build and develop working definitions of trans-misogyny and other related terms as an effort to create a shared starting point. We will then examine current and historical actions, and inactions, within queer and feminist spaces that have led to the exclusion and marginalization of trans women from spaces dedicated to challenging misogyny and trans and homophobia.

This workshop intends to be a learning space for feminist community groups, organizations, service providers, or anyone who seeks to create a more trans or queer-positive space and those who work towards feminist goals. All are welcome. Due to the content and nature of the discussion, the workshop facilitators cannot ensure that this will be a safe space, however all transphobic and trans-misogynist statements will be challenged.

This event will be happening during the Gender and Sexual Diversity Fair. 

This event is being put on with the support of the Ontario Public Interest Research Group – Kingston (OPIRG) and sponsored by the Queen’s Pride Project.

WHERE: Wallace Hall, John Deutsch University Centre, 87 Union Street West, Kingston ,Ontarin

WHEN: Thursday March 26th from 11:30am- 1:00pm

Symposium on Gender and Decolonization: A Resurgent Gathering

21 Mar

WHAT: Hosted by the Kahswentha Indigenous Knowledge Initiative, the event will include talks, roundtables, performances, and literary readings by some of Turtle Island’s finest authors, artists, scholars, and activists.
Thanks to partnerships with and support from Queen’s Policy Studies, Studies in National and International Development (SNID), Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre, Tett Centre for Creativity & Learning, Skeleton Park Arts Festival, Talkin’ Back to Johnny Mac, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) this event is free and open to the public.

WHEN AND WHERE: March 26th and 27th at Queen’s University, the Isabel Bader Centre for Performing Arts, and the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning



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