HAPPENING TOMORROW NIGHT (March 27th @ 4-7pm) !

27 May

WHAT: Trans, two-spirit, gender non-conforming, and gender questioning food share and meet-up @ Doug Fluhrer Park

Description of event:

On Thursday, May 28th @ Doug Fluhrer Park there will be a space to come together and eat for those who are trans, two-spirit, gender non-conforming, or questioning their gender. 

Bring yourself, bring a friend, bring food, bring blankets, bring whatever makes you comfortable :) 

no one will be turned away but we ask that trans, two-spirit, gender non-conforming, and gender questioning folks are at the centre of this event.

******* Wondering what Gender is?*******

not everybody knows what gender is and that’s totally okay. 

gender is hard to define and is not limited to the following definition by any means. gender is best left up for the individual to define for themselves so please be respectful of each person’s definition and how it has formed their identity :) 

gender is how we think of ourselves…
… as masculine (like “men”) or feminine (like “women”) 
or both of these 
or neither of these
or all three 
or somewhere in between 
or something completely unrelated to masculine (“man”) or feminine (“woman”)

gender is not limited to these definitions.

gender is something that can shift and change for a person, but stays consistent or the same for others

gender is diverse and unique and we must respect how each person defines gender for themselevs :)

we will have name tags to write your preferred name and gender pronoun, if you’d like to :)

pronoun examples are: ze, she, they, he, etc., but there are many pronouns and it’s best to ask respectively what pronouns a person would like you to use while referring to them :) 

See you Thursday for some good food! :)

WHEN: Thursday, May 28th 

4:00pm- 7:00pm

WHERE: Douglas Fluhrer Park — located on water front of the Cataraqui River, there’s a parking lot and place to enter on foot from wellington st, and on the otherside, you can get to the park from cataraqui st (same street as the boiler room). 

please send Trans Organizing Kingston a message if you need help finding the park :)

if it rains, we’ll meet and eat at the artel/AKA at 75 Queen St…. we’ll keep you updated on the date of this event

Please keep in mind that the park is on land that belongs to the haudenosaunee and anishinaabe first nations people, and we need to respect that :)

there will be a barbeque grill,

and someone to barbeque for you if you want or need that

please bring your own bowl and eating utensils we’ll have some extras but it will be easier if most people could bring their own :)

please bring food to share or just something for yourself and we’ll try and get everyone fed

please come even if you can’t bring any food, everyone will be fed regardless of what they bring :)


KCAP Week Of Action In Support Of Raise The Rates

17 May

WHAT: Kingston Coalition Against Poverty and Free The People Radio Show are supporting OCAP’s Raise the Rates Week of action

WHEN AND WHERE: Wednesday May 20st –
1pm @ OW 62 Montreal St, Kingston, ON
KCAP will be handing out and talking to people outside about The Invisible Austerity An Illustrated Guide To Cuts To Social Services In Ontario .http://www.ocap.ca/node/1228 to check out the guide.

Thursday May 21st-
6pm @  AKA Autonomous Social Centre
Join KCAP as they screen their documentary entitled “We Challenge You-Stories Of Desperation And Deception”
This documentary is about daily struggles people on social assistance system face. It shows the effects of the start up being cut and the effects of a new software system SAMS.It hopes to show how further cuts and unfair medical reviews would be devastating.

Friday May 22nd-
8pm CFRC 101.9fm or online at CFRC.ca
Free The People Radio Show on CFRC is having a Raise The Rates special featuring call in guest Hamilton’s Activist Lee Reed  http://www.leereedrevolt.com/


For More Information go to www.ocap.ca about the Raise The Rates Movement.

Nomadic Massive with Soul Shakedown DJs

1 May

Event poster for 'Nomadic Massive with Soul Shakedown DJs'. Detailed description below.

[Image is a poster for the event. There is white text on a black background that reads ‘OPIRG Kingston’s PUSH-IT PRESENTS: NOMADIC MASSIVE with SOUL SHAKEDOWN’S DJs SEDITIOUS and BLUESTOCKINGS Playing HIPHOP/ NEO SOUL, FUNK/ AFROBEAT and MORE with the support of CFRC  Doors at 9 Show at 10′. There is black text and on a orange background on the bottom of the poster that reads ‘At the Grad Club 162 Barrie Street May 8 Proceeds to support OPIRG Kingston’s Out of the Archives and into the Streets Campaign’.]

WHAT: Montreal’s Nomadic Massive is making a special stop in Kingston May 8 at the Grad Club along with some of Kingston’s own DJs from Soul Shakedown. Come out for OPIRG’s PUSH-IT concert $10 at the door, doors open @9 show starts @10. All proceeds from the event go to support OPIRG Kingston’s Out of the Archive and Onto the Streets Poster Series!

WHO: This multilingual, multicultural, super-group has become synonymous with energetic and crowd-moving live shows which can’t be missed.

Nomadic Massive has firmly established itself as a group of premier performers and skilled musicians in a genre that has evolved from its early days of two turntables and a microphone. These musical nomads represent an open-minded Hip-Hop which finds its inspiration in the traditions of the past; combining live instrumentation, samples, and a wide array of vocal styles in French, Spanish, Arabic, English, and Haitian Creole.

DJs Seditious and Bluestockings will start the night with hip hop, neo soul, funk, afrobeat and more.

WHERE: The Grad Club (162 Barrie Street), Kingston ON

WHEN: Friday, May 8th 9pm-2am

Canvassing Workshop

26 Apr

WHAT: Want to reach our to your neighbours about social change? Want to deepen the community presence of your political group? Or just want to get better at talking to strangers about politics?

Join for a workshop on door-to-door canvassing and talking to people about politics. This open workshop is for community groups, activists, and organizers who want to get better at talking to people about their political ideas, to mobilize neighbourhoods, change public opinion, raise money, and so on.

WHO: Special guest facilitator Harry Pilford, a professional environmental canvasser with years of experience. He’ll give us tips on how to craft an effective brief message and strike up a rapport with strangers.

The two-hour workshop will also include opportunities to practice your skills in a friendly environment, and get feedback if you wish.

Save a spot by sending a message to khatija(at)riseup.net. (Please register by April 30 to ensure we have a large enough venue for everyone.)


WHEN: Thursday, May 7th 7pm-9pm

Childcare will be available. RSVPs for childcare are not needed but are welcome. For accessibility, childcare or other needs and questions, please also email khatija(at)riseup.net

OPIRG Kingston’s People’s History Walking Tour

23 Apr

Poster for the event 'OPIRG Kingston's People's History Walking Tour'. Detailed description below.

[Image is a poster for the event. The background is a faded picture of a grey house (This building is the office of Levana Gender Advocacy Centre and OPIRG Kingston). There is a sign on the front lawn that reads ‘Welcome to Ontario Public OPIRG Interest Research Group Come In!’. In the centre, there is black text that reads ‘OPIRG Kingston’s People’s History Walking Tour Come hear the stories of feminist resistance & queer liberation & anti-war struggles & so many other stories of resistance and struggle from the Kingston and Queen’s communities!’.  In the bottom right corner there is black text that reads ‘Starts May 2 – 4pm on the lawn of the Grey House – 51 Bader Lane]

WHAT: In partnership with Jane’s Walk Kingston, OPIRG is hosting our People’s History Walking Tour!

This walking tour describes the forgotten history of oppression and resistance on the streets and in the institutions of Kingston. Focused on anti-racist, queer liberation, feminist, affordable-education and anti-imperialist struggles. 

Do you know the local stories of community responses to Kingston’s long history of racism, homophobia and sexism? Have you heard of the collective reactions to war, the Oka crisis and the long standing rape-culture at Queen’s University? If you haven’t, or have, then you should join us on May 2 on the lawn of the Grey House, 51 Bader Lane.

Some information about the walk:
– it is approximately an hour and a half,
– children and families are welcome,
– the tour is wheelchair accessible with accessible washrooms at both the beginning and end of the tour, and
– their is start parking at the beginning of the tour.

Check out Jane’s Walk Kingston and other great walking tours here: http://janeswalk.org/canada/kingston.

For more information feel free to email info[at]opirgkingston.org!

WHERE: They Grey House, Kingston (51 Bader Lane) 

WHEN: Saturday, May 2nd 4pm-5:30pm

Drawing Together: Kingstonians talking about Class & Capitalism

20 Apr

WHAT: What does Class Oppression look like in Kingston? How do Class and Capitalism determine who has power, who makes decisions and who benefits in our town?

Join the germination’s collective for a lunchtime community conversation about class, capitalism and poverty. This will be a talk about personal experiences of class oppression. It will also identify the social and cultural conditions that create those experiences and the institutions that maintain injustice. Finally, it will call out the root causes and historical context which made class oppression a reality, on a large scale and in Kingston in particular.

The goal iis to have these conversations to better understand each others’ experiences, how class and capitalism function on a whole in Kingston, and to start thinking about what we can do to confront the capitalist system. ALL WELCOME!

A tasty and filling vegetarian lunch will be provided! This is a dry event. Drawing & art materials will also be on hand!

Children welcome; please email germinations[at]riseup.net for childcare info and any accessibility needs, or any other questions.

AKA Autonomous Social Centre has an accessible, gender neutral washroom. Please avoid wearing scented products at AKA.

WHERE: AKA Autonomous Social Centre, Kingston (the red and black house on the corner of Queen Street and Wellington)

WHEN: Sunday May 3, 12-3pm


Food share by and for People of colour, Indigenous people and Mixed-race people

20 Apr

WHAT: An invitation for self-identified people of colour, Indigenous people and mixed race people to join in sharing a meal. If you can bring something to share, that is wonderful. If you can’t, please come anyway!

The goal is host these foodshares monthly, based on a need identified at Drawing Together: Kingstonians Talking about Racism and Anti-racism, as well as during other conversations. Suggestions and feedback are welcome.

AKA Autonomous Social Centre has an accessible, gender neutral washroom. Please avoid wearing scented products at AKA.

Let the germinations collective know if you have any allergies and food sensitivities so that they can try to avoid those foods. Families and children are welcome!

Contact: khatija(at)riseup.net for more info, accessibility or other needs.

WHERE: The AKA Autonomous Social Centre, Kingston  (the red and black house on the corner of Queen Street and Wellington Street)

WHEN: Thursday April 23, 6:30pm


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