Community Care After Sexual Violence


LOCATION: John Deutsch University Centre, Room 351

How can we create communities of care that can meet the needs of survivors of sexual violence and abuse? What are ways that we can take care and community justice into our own hands? Too often, institutions such as the police force and the medical system fail to address the needs of survivors in any meaningful way, or enact racist, transphobic, ableist, and otherwise discriminatory harm on the people they are supposed to help. Survivors often turn to friends, family, and support workers (ie. therapists) for help getting through the aftermath of sexual violence. We want to take this time to have a open, honest, and caring discussion on what survivors need after an assault, and how we as a campus community can support one another.

Lunchtime chats are semi-structured discussions that take place while eating food provided by us (LGAC)! This lunchtime chat will be held in the JDUC, room 351. There is an accessible elevator that will take you to the 3rd floor, and two gender neutral washrooms present on that floor (one accessible, one not).

Levana Gender Advocacy Centre strives to meet dietary restrictions by consistently providing vegetarian options, however, if you have any allergies or other dietary restrictions, please post on the event page or contact us over Facebook or email ( so that we can provide yummy food for you too.

We recognize that this discussion tackles sensitive and upsetting content. Here are a few help lines you can contact if you are distressed:

Sexual Assault Centre Kingston help-line:
(613) 545-0762
Good 2 Talk:

Additionally, you can find the Peer Support Centre in JDUC rooms 34 & 36 (on the lower level).

Trans and People of Colour Positive Chill In

Let ourchildren play

Levana Gender Advocacy Centre, OPIRG Kingston, and the Education on Queer Issues Project are hosting a Trans-positive, People of Colour -positive chill-in. Given some recent events which openly condone transphobic, racist, and islamaphobic sentiments, LGAC and EQuIP have decided to cohost this event in order to foster and care for our community(s).

This event will take place in Dunning Hall, room 11. There will be colouring pages, music, food, and discussion. People are free to come and talk/vent, eat, colour, or even just sit and do work.

Levana is Hiring new Board Members for 2018-2019 School Year!

Levana is hiring

Levana Gender Advocacy Centre is hiring!

We are seeking both undergrad and grad students who want to challenge systems of oppression on and off campus. No formal experience is necessary — just bring your passion, dedication, and wonderful self.

Deadline is March 7th.

Facebook message us on our page ( or Email us at if you want to know more about what it means to be a board member, or meet with us to discuss in person — we will be glad to accomodate. We look forward to seeing your application!

Find a board member application here:

New Facebook Page and Office Hours!

The Levana Gender Advocacy Centre now has a public Facebook page! Be sure to like us to stay up to date with the happenings at Levana.

We have also established our Fall Office hours! Come visit us in the Grey House to enjoy some tea, discuss feminist activism, and campus/community resources!

You can now visit us in our offices on:

Mondays 1:00-3:00pm
Tuesdays 12:00-2:00pm
Wednesdays 12:00-2:00pm
Thursdays 12:00-2:00pm
Fridays 11:30am-1:30pm


We hope to see you soon!

Levana wants to work with you!

Levana is recruiting new board members!! Deadline to apply is March 15h!! Find the online application below


Levana GEnder AdvocacY
Image is a poster. On the left hand side there is white text on a purple background that reads`Levana Gender Advocacy Centre is hiring! Levana is seeking dedicated individuals with a passion for social justice to join our board of directors!  The right side there is white text on a black background that reads `Develop skills and gain experience in: programming development, event planning, campaign organizing, consensus-based decision making, administration, community collaboration. Application deadline is March 16. Follow the link to our online application:


Reproductive Justice and Choice Rally POSTPONED till Nov. 30th


UPDATE: Hello friends/ allies/ supporters,
Levana has decided to postpone the rally till this Monday November 30th @ 1:30pm till 3pm due to the weather. In light of the recent increase in anti-choice activity on campus, we have decided to also change the location to the corner of Union and University. We plan to have events off campus on the near future! Hope to see you there!
Kind regards
The Levana Collective

WHAT: Join Levana Gender Advocacy Centre and other community organizations for a celebration of choice and an affirmation of our commitment to reproductive justice for all people.

WHEN AND WHERE: We will be gathering in the corner of University and Union at 1:30PM on Monday November 30th. Please bring signs that show your support for reproductive choice (there will be some extra signs available as well!) 

We’ll keep you updated with ground rules, chants, and ideas for signs as the event approaches!


Nov. 12th-3

[Image is a a poster for the event. The background is green. The text is white and reads: Rally for Choice and Reproductive Justice, Nov 30th 1:30pm to 3pm, Corner of University and Union, Join Levana Gender Advocacy Centre and other community organizations for a celebration of choice and an affirmation of our commitment to reproductive justice for all people.’. At the bottom of the poster there is a black banner with white text that reads ‘Levana Gender Advocacy Centre learn more at’. There is also the a picture of a fist in the bottom right corner (the Levana logo) ]

Transgender Day of Remembrance Candlelight Memorial Reading of the Names

WHAT: Meet at the side door of the JDUC, at the big staircase facing University Ave just north of Union St. After the candle lighing, we’ll move inside to McLaughlin Hall on the second floor of the JDUC for the reading of names and tea and coffee.

WHERE: McLaughlin Hall, John Deutsch University Center, Queen’s University

WHEN: Friday November 20th 2015 at 7pm